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  • I specialise in lifestyle photography. Life is messy and grand, beautiful and challenging, and every one of those moments is precious. This is what I look for and what I photograph. This is what I want you to remember, when you look at your photographs years from now - how your heart was so big it felt like it would explode.

Remember this sweet pea?

Beautiful Baby Week – Lily

She’s all grown up! (see second picture below).

I have had the privilege of photographing Kelly and Amanda from their wedding to now. I am so grateful that I get to see “my” families grow, catch up on their news, see how they’re doing, keep in touch. It is one of my favourite parts of my job.

Its been a couple of years – this was the first time I met Piper. And look at her!!!!!

Here is Lily, all grown up and almost five. FIVE!!!

Best big brother ever!!!

Amanda and Kelly. Still digging each other.

And, the clan

Thank you, thank you for coming to see me!!

These photos were from a collaborative dance shoot in Red Deer.

These girls have been dancing for up to 9 years, and were game to try some experimental (for me!) lighting and jumping. They were fantastic models.

I love these photos. I know if my children had been working so hard at dance or a sport for so many years, I would want portraits of them in action, not just still headshots.


Yeah! winter family photos in Edmonton. Who knew we would have to wait so long for snow?

Jade requested 3 things for her photo session. One good family photo, one good photo of each of her children, and a head shot for her business work. Sweet little K was a little bit tough, but we got it! And not just one, but three family photos.

Got it! (And how gorgeous are her children!!)

These are the bonus pictures.

And this was one of the funniest photos I have taken. Grandpa asked if he could get a photo alone, and Ivan leaned over and said “Ask him why he wants a picture of himself”. So, I did, and he replied “I need a good photo for my obituary.” As a reader of the obituaries, I completely understood. He’s not planning on going anywhere soon, but wants a good picture, just in case.

Jade, your family is so beautiful. Thank you for letting me do this for you!

BTW, if you need an accountant, Jade is great and deals with a lot of small businesses. I would be happy to pass her contact info onto you.